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Power of Coding and Game Design

Games in Education

Power of Game Design and Coding for Developing Global Media Literacy Skills among Pre-service Teachers

Your Name and Title: Melda N. Yildiz, Faculty
Library, School, or Organization Name: Kean University
Co-Presenter Name(s): Invited teacher candidates, ADY Howle
Area of the World from Which You Will Present: New Jersey, USA
Language in Which You Will Present: English
Target Audience(s): Teacher Candidates, Teacher Educators, K12 Teachers

In this presentation, we will outline a transdisciplinary and transformative teacher education while integrating game design and coding skills among pre-service teachers and developing Global Media Literacy skills.

Creating a transdisciplinary, transformative, inclusive, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) teaching and learning model is critical for teacher education programs. We will argue the importance of integrating game design, basic coding skills for pre-service teachers in order to prepare them for the second half of the 21st century classrooms.
Situated within the context of teacher education, this presentation aims to advance the role of global media literacy skills as a means to promote transformative, transdisciplinary, inclusive, and innovative ideas in teacher education programs. It investigates the heutagogical teaching model through the lens of innovative technologies in global media education context.

We explore the role of coding and game design in global media literacy education while integrating multiple literacies as a means of further developing pre-service teachers’ global competencies and media skills and designing innovative transdisciplinary curriculum projects with limited resources and equipment in global education context. Our goal is to: a) introduce the role of multiple literacies (e.g. information, technology, geography, media literacy) in developing global competencies and 21st century skills among pre-services teachers; b) showcase pre-service teachers’ Universal Design of Learning (UDL)[i] model lessons across content areas (e.g. math, geography, cultural studies, physical education) in P-12 curriculum; and c) demonstrate creative strategies and possibilities for engaging pre-service teachers in project based global media literacy activities integrating new technologies.

The presentation:

  • argues the challenges and advantages of integrating game design and coding for developing producers (pre-service teachers) versus consumers of knowledge in teacher education programs.
  • introduces the online resources (e.g. hour of code, scratch software, Khan academy) in developing global media literacy skills among pre-service teachers;
  • demonstrates creative strategies and possibilities for engaging pre-service teachers in project-based globally connected transdisciplinary activities integrating game design and coding skills;
  • investigates the innovative resources and curriculum such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), wikibook projects and interactive games as a means to promote heutagogy among pre-service teachers,
  • outlines the best practices, assessment tools, and curriculum models that engage pre-service teachers into innovative and transdisciplinary curriculum across disciplines;
  • showcases pre-service teachers’ innovative curriculum projects across content areas (e.g. math, geography, world languages, cultural studies) in P-12 curriculum.
We will share the lessons learned from the teacher education faculty and pre-service teachers and their voices and experiences developing innovative transdisciplinary UDL model, global education projects.
This presentation will be guided by these questions:

  • What are the pre-service teachers’ personal experiences and reactions to game desing and coding in curriculum design?
  • What common problems and discoveries do they share during the process of preparing inclusive, interactive and transdisciplinary, UDL model curriculum projects?
  • What suggestions do pre-service teachers provide in order to improve teaching and learning?
  • What skills, assessment methods, strategies, and tools do we need to provide to the pre-service teachers to rethink and redesign teacher education programs?

[i] Universal Design of Learning (UDL)
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